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“Strive is live changing.”

We're flipping the script with personal medicine.

Medicine isn't one-size-fits-all.

Strive is a compounding pharmacy, meaning we customize your medication to your one-of-a-kind needs, health conditions, and wellness goals.

Whole-person health and happiness.

Health is a whole-person endeavor. We deeply value the many physical, mental, emotional, and practical facets of well-being. And we value bringing well-rounded health to you, your family, and your pet.

Accessibility and individuality.

Let’s face it, the healthcare industry has closed its doors to nuance, accessibility, and personalized care far too often, for far too long. Strive steps in to fill the gap. We’re aiming to change that.

Uncompromising compounding excellence.

We champion unwavering standards when it comes to quality. Our pharmacists are rigorously trained and tested professionals and our processes are forever evolving in line with best practices. Striving for unparalleled quality is just integral to who we are!

Shifting your baseline health.

We’re bringing proactive healthcare to the table. Well-being is too valuable to settle for reactive care, so we don’t believe in waiting until you’re unhealthy to start fostering health. We strive to ignite a better baseline.

Dosages for you, not the masses.

Big pharma doles out inflexible dosages and just hopes one will be right for you. Smart pharma customizes dosages for your specific needs, formulating medication just for you.

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We’re the one-stop pharmacy for all your compounding needs.

Hormone Replacement
Hormone Replacement
Weight Management
Weight Management
Women’s Health
Women’s Health
Men’s Health
Men’s Health
Our specialties include:
Hormone Replacement
Women’s Health
Men’s Health
Weight Management

Talk to your provider about how to Strive.

our locations
our locations

Talk to your provider about how to Strive.

Visit one of our locations
Visit one of our locations

The product arrived quickly and was very easy to understand based on directions that were included.

Megan Bell

This place is so quick and communicates great with you and your orders!!!

Cheyenne Holm

Quick, efficient and would certainly recommend.

Mrs. JaNae Barrow

Strive pharmacy is unique and reliable and true to their name- “strive” for best costumer’s service.

Joseph G.

We have received our meds from Strive quickly when they are needed. Thank you!

Lois Heckman

Friendly customer service, knowledgeable staff, quick service and shipping.

Justine Kelderhouse

These are absolutely very hard working young people who know how to treat their customers. Very personable and knowledgeable. Friendly staff.

Chris Debay

Just ordered meds from here to be delivered up to Heber and they are beyond fast, friendly, professional and courteous! So impressed with their level of service. - Jorinda

Jorinda N.

amazing pharmacy! my office gets a lot of peptides from here and we send our patients here frequently for their compounded scripts. it's usually very smooth sailing and very little issues. if they ever have questions they're quick to reach out! Live Well Wellness Center in Chandler, AZ recommends!

Allison Berryhill

Strive is excellent to work with. They are great about answering questions and they are timely with any requests. They have great communication, both through text and call. Payment is easy to make and they ship prescriptions out quickly. Overall I’m pleased to work with them.

Courtney Hadlock

Excellent customer service & delivery was quick. All items were safely packed and clear directions were very helpful.

Kendra Garcia

Started getting shipments from Strive Pharmacy and they are the best. Customer service was so helpful and they ship fast with great communication

Marry Coffman

Very nice customer service! Shipping as soon as available 😊

Janet Whipp

Strive has been providing me with two Rx's for over 4 years. they have always been easy to work with and love their text notifications to keep me in the loop

Jerimiah Cuevas

Great customer service, smooth and easy pick up / shipping!

Raphael Steinberg

Strive is the best. The people are great, the service is superb and I trust their products. HIGHLY recommend them!

Steve Kubick

This is the best Pharmacy for compounding prescriptions. I get my Tirzepatide there and it’s high quality. The service is fast and friendly

Jorj-Marie Mille

Best customer service I have ever experienced. They deliver medication in the mail. The best example of going above and beyond.

Wendy Ware

Strive Pharmacy always sends my prescriptions in a timely maner and very well packaged. Thank you!

Sophia Lopez

Great company, better process and they keep you informed every step of the way.


Love to get my progesterone from them and always quick shipping and communication from them. Highly recommend!!!

Neisha Rowley

Fast and reliable service. Customer service is very helpful.

Tracey Weaver

Absolutely love Strive Pharmacy! I’ve been receiving my weight loss meds for two months. My Rx is filled quickly and ships right to my door. I receive text tracking and delivery notifications. Couldn’t ask for a better experience.

Tiffanie Harris

Strive has been so easy and convenient. The ordering and shipping process is seamless. The staff has been very responsive.

Cathy Sanders

Strive is the most convenient pharmacy I have used so far. I love being able to communicate by text for refills and the medication is just sent to my door. Forget the phone call waitlists and weird hours of the Walgreens drive-through! I am working on getting all of my medications filled here now.

Ariel Hortin

Very good experience! Excellent customer service and look forward to working with them again

Hiro Wantanabe

I’m so impressed with this pharmacy. (Boerne, TX). It only took 4 days to get my meds delivered to my front door in the Houston area and I waited over 3 weeks with another large pharmacy that’s actually located directly in Houston. I spoke with a Pharmacist when I had a question about dosage and he was very thorough & helpful & didn’t rush me off the phone. You cannot beat this place for customer service as well as pricing.

Dana Soerries

Strive Pharmacy is always helpful and polite and I am treated like a person not a number :)

Billie Cattermole