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Women's Health

Strive Pharmacy creates personalized medicine for your specific needs. Our compounding pharmacists develop fully customized medicines to reduce the frustration when you can’t get what you need at a traditional pharmacy.

Compounded medications are especially effective for women. For example, a women’s health compounding pharmacy can provide customized hormone replacement therapy to treat issues like bone loss and increased fracture risk in post-menopausal women. Taking the proper medication dosage and type helps you maximize treatment.

Every woman is different. Don’t waste time and money trying various products when simple medication compounding can address your unique situation and tailor your medicine accordingly.

Common Issues in Women’s Health

Women can experience a range of health issues, ranging from minor to complex. Some of the most common ailments include:

Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among American women. Symptoms may include chest pain, arm weakness, nausea, and/or vomiting. Because of the similarity of these symptoms with those caused by stress or heartburn, heart disease can go undetected.


Both types of stroke impair blood flow. The first type is called hemorrhagic, which occurs when the brain bleeds, while the second is called ischemic and occurs when a blood vessel gets blocked.

The most common stroke symptoms include slurred speech and numbness in the arms or legs. Pregnant women with preeclampsia are at an increased risk of suffering a stroke.


Diabetes-related complications target women with issues like vision changes, depression, and kidney disease. During pregnancy, gestational diabetes increases the risk of miscarriage and birth defects. Women can lower their risk of contracting type 2 diabetes by maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, quitting smoking, and improving other health-related habits.

Urinary Tract Infections

A urinary tract infection occurs when germs enter the urethra. Since the female urethra is shorter, women are more susceptible to UTIs because bacteria can reach the bladder more easily. Symptoms may include frequent urination, a burning sensation while urinating, and urine discoloration.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the second-most common cancer among women in the US. Doctors recommend monthly self-exams to identify breast changes early on and yearly mammograms after age 40. Women who carry certain genes are at an increased risk of contracting breast cancer and may require additional preventive and detection measures.


Osteoporosis causes weak bones that are at a higher risk of fracture. Post-menopausal women and women taking certain medications are at an increased risk. Other risk factors include genetics, early menopause, cancer treatment, and a low body mass index (BMI).

No matter your condition, taking the right medication is essential to preserve your health.

How Strive Pharmacy Can Help

Large corporate pharmacies have neither the time nor the incentive to customize individual medications. Strive Pharmacy is different. We know compounded medications can be more effective for the conditions they treat. Everyone is different, and we’ll help you get the dose your body needs for the best results at our convenient pharmacy locations.

If you’re undergoing hormone therapy, we can compound medication with the correct hormonal dose compounded specifically for you. We customize medications for other reasons, too. Our pharmacists can use hypoallergenic dyes or flavors or choose alternatives to gluten or lactose to prevent allergic reactions.

Compounding also provides different ways to consume essential medicine. Do you hate the taste of your medication? We’ll convert it using other flavored liquids or dispense it in pill form. Some medicines can work in unique formats, such as injections or creams.

Compounded medications can combine certain drugs, helping you reduce the number of pills you take or get access to the exact treatment you need when you need it. Our women’s health compounding pharmacy takes a customized approach to each patient’s needs.

Strive Pharmacy Is Here to Help

At Strive Pharmacy, we deliver simple solutions, such as convenient and medications that address many health concerns and needs. Contact us to speak to a compounding pharmacist or visit a women’s health pharmacy near you!